First investment tool for movies that go far beyond the screen

Our mission is to fight stereotypes in cinema and television by fostering the production and distribution of movies and series to change the way people perceive social issues such as cultural diversity or the role of women in society.

Nous intervenons soit en finançant des films traitant déjà des thématiques qu’il soutient, soit en travaillant directement sur les scénarios pour gommer les clichés qu’ils contiennent ou placer directement ces causes.

We use the traditional economical reference model of investment in the movie industry to support an engaged approach in cinema.

The causes we are supporting are

Social cohesion & equal opportunities
(social, ethnic, sexual, disability, those who are not seen)
Women’s empowerment
Major societal issues
citizenship, democracy, freedom

Our team

Impact Film est propulsé par une association de loi 1901, emmenée par une équipe bénévole composée d’expertises complémentaires, partageant la passion du cinéma et de la télévision, spécialisée dans l’accompagnement financier et juridique, et convaincue que les images peuvent changer le monde : Hubert Caillard, Raphaël Daniel, Caroline Dhainaut, Maud Leclair et Olivier Saby.

The association is particularly committed to developing research on this subject by founding theObservatoire des images, the first French association working on the issues of representativeness and on the fight against clichés in cinema, television, advertising and video games.

Our work has been noticed by Le Monde, Les Echos and Ecran total.

I want the movie to start once you've left the cinema.
Jacques Tati

Our partners